Monday, 15 October 2012

Computer Science for Instructors

Learning Computer Science

Recently I have been blogging about the positioning of IT or computer science in the school curriculum   As a science specialist who did their first degree when desktop computers were only just becoming available. Laptops were unheard of let alone tablets.

 I am looking at my skill base.  The skills I have have been from necessity and mainly self-taught.  So to address the all round perception and make myself a little more modern and into the 21st Century I have been looking at courses.

With a limited budget for my own CPD I have been looking at the courses available on-line.  The three main course providers I have been looking at are Coursera, edX and ALISON links to these sites can be found at the top of the blog.

I have registered for a course with edX for CS50x Computer Science 1.  This apparently is the most popular first course at Harvard now online.  Will start to keep a series of blog posts as the course develops.  First day was today.  Looking forward to seeing the first lecture!

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