Thursday, 10 January 2013

ESOL on Haverhill Online Learning Community

English Week at Haverhill Online Learning Community.

English as second Language (ESOL) is often as native speakers overlooked.   People that work and live in Haverhill may not necessarily always be proficient in languages.  HOLC have now started to provide some resources for people to improve their language.  

A page detailing information of where to learn languages in the local area is being developed.  At present it includes a link to the local provider West Suffolk College and their course which start on 17th April 2013 in Menta Centre in Haverhill.  As we find more relevant links these will be added in time.  On the main page for ESOL there is a link to Haverhill Library.  The Library is a great place to find books in different languages at both children's and adult level.  By joining the library you have access to the county's resources for free!

The main ESOL Page contains a number of links to sub pages for Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level.  Within each sub-page are details of vocabulary and you might expect to know at the various levels.  Online resources and lessons in English only will appear on these pages.  If you are going to learn English you may as well be immersed in the language from the start.  As the year progresses we will revisit the pages and add more content in relation to the Calendar of Events 

Join in in the community by contributing resources and experiences of your own.  There are opportunities to blog, learn how to make online resources lessons and become peer mentors for other learners.  To join click on the Link (  

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